Part of the current Masseria already existed since 1568 in the lands of Francesco Angelino, who owned lands in the district formerly called Sant’Elia.

Here, a church was also, that historians define as “of great worship”.

In 1690, the Franciscan friars of Martina Franca bought the farm for 271 ducats and 60 grana, thus starting to take care of the “spotty” lands, the old church and the original building.

After a few years, in 1718, the Franciscans ceded the property to Donato Angelini in exchange for his land.

In 1727 a new church was built in the square of the farm, after destroying the old one. In his will, Angelini returned this property to the Conventuals. The friars benefited from it until the suppression wanted by the king of Naples Joachim Murat in 1809. Subsequently, the property was sold to private individuals in Locorotondo.